How to Throw a Swinging Sex Party

Casual sex is always hot, but add more kinksters into the swinging fun and you’re up for double, triple, quadruple (or more) the sexual pleasure. Here’s your guide for throwing the ultimate sex party. 👇

How do I make my sex party guest list?

Invite fellow swingers that you trust to be respectful and discreet. As exciting as the idea of having a room full of swingers sounds, you want to relax and enjoy the party as much as your guests! Consider that more intimacy can be found at smaller swinger parties.

No matter your sexual preferences or fantasies, group sex is the perfect way to experiment with multiple sex partners, explore different aspects of your sexuality, or to enjoy watching others have casual sex in swinging heaven.

Invite like-minded adults who are into the same kinds of sex and kinks that you are.This way, you’ll reap more sexual benefits at your swingers party.

Sex party dates, times, and locations

If you’re ok with people having sex all over your furniture, you may be happy to host your swingers party at home. But if not, have a browse online for discreet local hotels, sex clubs, or anywhere else that can properly accommodate the size of your sex party.

A house-like setting with comfy beds or furniture is preferable - especially if you’re planning your sex orgy for the evening hours. Guests can stay overnight, if they want to.

Either way, your chosen sex party location should be clean, spacious, and most of all, private. While some swingers are loud about the swinger lifestyle, others prefer total discretion when swinging, so keep your party antics on the down-low to respect everyone.

What kinds of swingers parties are there?

Go for the kind of sex party dynamic that you feel most at ease with. There’s more variety out there than swinger newbies may expect! 

  • Soft Swapping: Trading sex partners for some sexual activity, with penetrative sex off the cards.
  • Full Swapping: Switching sex partners and going all the way.
  • Cuckold/Cuckquean: Watch your sex partner have casual sex with others.
  • BDSM-Friendly
  • Group Sex: Having casual sex with 3 or more playmates.
  • Gangbang: More givers than receivers.

What are the rules at a sex party?

Things get raunchy in the heat of passion. Let the people at your local swingers party know beforehand if anything will be off limits.

For example, maybe not all the real swingers at the sex party want to have sex with each other. Will any guests just be sexual voyeurs? Whatever the rules, it’s vital that all your swingers follow them. If you decide that your swingers party should be more of a free-for-all, make sure your sex party guests know this before they choose whether to attend.

As the sex party host, be sensible and resourceful. That said, be prepared as the host with the most. A supply of condoms, lube, latex gloves, wipes, and any other necessary clean-up items for your sex party guests are a great idea!

Setting the mood at a swingers party

The Sexy Playlist: A sensual playlist will help set the mood. You’ll find tons of readily-prepared sex playlists online, so get listening for the perfect sex music in advance. 

Sex Party Snacks: The snack table, even at a sex party, is a super important element! Some foods are naturally sexy: fresh fruits dipped in melted chocolate, sweet whipped cream, honey, wine…

Drinks of choice: If you trust your swinging guests with a few tipples, start with some sex games (think Spin the Bottle, or Never Have I Ever).

Sex party aftercare 💕

It’s important to check in with everyone following sexual activity. Once the sexy party is winding down, ask how they are, offer snacks and drinks, and share your gratitude.

Did things go well? Did everyone feel good? Your swingers party should be a satisfying experience for everyone. You’re all there for the same things and all deserve to have fab swinger experiences! Make the most of the sexy events - you'll all want to relive it in your solo sex sessions. 

We’ve got tons of hot, kinky local adults that can help you on your randy way to hosting a casual sex party to remember.

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how to throw a swinging sex party

Casual sex is always hot, but add more kinksters into the swinging fun and you’re up for double, triple, quadruple (or more) the sexual pleasure. Here’s your guide for throwing the ultimate sex party. 👇

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