Cuckolding: Why is it Such a Turn-on for Swingers?

Do you get horny at the thought of your partner having wild sex with somebody else right in front of you? Seeing their hot body writhe with pleasure having sex with a stranger? Let’s explore the turn-on inside the sexy world of swinging and cuckolding together. 👇

Recap: what is cuckolding? 

Cuckolding is all about bringing a third person into your private swingers party. The ‘Cuckold’ (or ‘Cuckquean’) gets turned on by seeing their swinging partner (the ‘Cuckolder’) get down and dirty with someone else (the ‘Bull’) outside of their established, exclusive relationship. 

Any swinging couples can get into cuckolding, and any swingers can join them and be their Bull. 🐂 Generally, the Bull will be Dominant, and often muscular and attractive. This all adds to the sex fantasy, for lots of different reasons…

Exhibition and voyeurism 😍

The throbbing excitement of voyeurism and exhibitionism adds to the thrill of casual sex for everyone. For the Cuckolder and the Bull, it’s hot to be wanted so desperately, to be seen - and envied - in the midst of passion! Being at the centre of sexual games gives you a sense of confidence and power in your own sexuality. You’re a sexy beast, and everyone wants to see it.

For the Cuckold, it's a special feeling to see someone you love trembling in sexy swinging heaven. This is called ‘compersion’ - empathetic happiness from seeing the person you love feeling good and wifesharing. 

Cuckolding can be fab for your casual sex life as swingers. The mix of feelings that comes from cuckolding - jealousy, greed, lust, arousal, all together - can be channelled into your own future sexual swinger experiences and re-energise your libidos. 🔥

If you’re not comfortable with taking your Bull into the bedroom straight away, you can share sexy pictures and videos online while you talk through the fantasy. Just make sure you always get the go-ahead before sending anything, and build up trust before you share your intimate photos online. For caution, it’s best to avoid showing faces or identifiable markings like tattoos in your X-rated pics and vids. 

There are sooooo many things to love about swinging, wifesharing, and cuckolding - whatever your role in the sexual fun:

✅ Bulls get to have no strings attached sexy fun

✅ Cuckolders get more sex

✅ Cuckolds get to watch two hot kinksters rattling their headboards

Sexual humiliation 😳

Cuckolding is popular in the online swinging and BDSM community, because it gels so well with Sub/Dom sexual power dynamics. Lots of Cuckolds thrive on sexual humiliation, both online and in real life (think sex clubs!).

Sexual humiliation turns us on by giving us an escape from everyday norms - the sexual fantasy takes us away from everyday life. 

Within that, name-calling can help you with your inhibitions. You can regain sexual power and ownership over insults or slurs thrown at you in the past by turning them into sexual pleasure.

Dirty talk online and off 🥺

Dirty talk makes all sex better. Cuckolders: show your Cuckold how turned on you are by swinging. “Watch him with me! Oh yeahhhh, just like that!” 

Does your Cuckold love to be humiliated? Speak down to them, mock them - tell them how pathetic they are.

The dirty talk doesn’t have to stop there! Cuckolder, tell your Cuckold about the swinger sex you had with that Bull in graphic detail. Why not tell them while you’re next in bed - your Cuckold will try harder to prove themselves. Can they give you better sex? Let them try. 🥵

Set the rules and sexual dynamics ☝️

Safe sex is a must when you involve meeting new swingers and people, so stock up on condoms. Communication is key too. Sexy talk online about everything in advance. What are you comfortable with? What elements of cuckolding turn you on? 

Above all, remember that consent is a continuous process, and you can change your mind at any time. If dirty talk and swinging online alone is the biggest turn-on for you, then that’s fab too. 🥰

The more the merrier…

Loosen your inhibitions, and you just might find yourself in even more intimate and pleasurable threesome encounters. If you’re loving the dynamic, a one-time Bull can become a long term playmate for both of you. 

As a Cuckold, why not join your partner to satisfy them? Maybe you wanna lick the leftovers? 

Ultimately, when cuckolding works for you, it’s the perfect way to embrace more swinger fun and pleasure. So 1, 2, 3… let’s play

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